Divisional Church Service 2016
Holy Cross Day (or the Festival of the Exaltation of the Cross) is celebrated each year on 14 September. It is an ancient festival of the Christian Church, and also one of the "Twelve Grand Points" of our Order.
The Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine.
St Gabriel's Church in North Acton, London. Venue for the service.
St Gabriel's Church is conveniently situated for this joint event.
It is a London church, at Gypsy Corner (the intersection of the A40 and the A4000). It is on the Central Line of the London Underground network (North Acton station), and on London bus routes 440, 260, 266, 95, and 487.
It is also easily accessed from the Thames Valley, being situated directly on the Great Western Railway mainline and the main A40 'Western Avenue' road linking London and Oxford.
There is a church car park, but there is also ample free parking in the streets around the church.
On Sunday 11 September 2016, the Sunday closest to Holy Cross Day, we will hold a special church service in West London, for members of the Thames Division (covering Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire), the Metropolitan Division (covering London), the Middlesex Division, and the Surrey Division. The preacher will be the Rev'd Malcolm Lane. The singing will be led by the Batchwood Youth and Chamber Choir. The officiant will be the Rev'd Timothy L'Estrange.
We held similar events in 2012 and 2014, and just like those occasions there will be an afternoon tea for members and their guests, which will be served after the service.
The service itself will take the form of Sung Evening Prayer, and will feature a Procession of Divisional Banners, with choir and clergy.
Shown below is a selection of photographs from the similar church service held in October 2012 to celebrate the 1,700th anniversary of the Battle of the Milvian Bridge.
Here are a few pictures from the 2012 service. Click on a picture to see a larger version.
The Intendants-General. (L-R:) Deputy I-G Dorset, Past I-G Metropolitan, Deputy I-G Metropolitan, I-G Metropolitan, I-G Thames, Past I-G Thames, I-G Dorset, Deputy I-G East Midlands, Deputy I-G Thames. Part of the altar party at the high altar. The Reverend Father Timothy L'Estrange (officiant), the Reverend Father Salvador Lloret-Farina (assistant priest), and two acolytes from St Gabriel's church.
The grand procession of Divisional and Conclave banners of Constantine. The Intendant-General for Metropolitan Division reads the second Bible reading.
The Blessing, with the officiant, sword bearer, and marshal in place for the retiring procession. The retiring procession, as the sword bearer follows the banners out of church.
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