Beds, Cambs and Herts Consistory No. 45TI Meeting
29 Nov 2016
The Provincial Grand Summus R.Dist. Comp. Richard Owen together with V.Dist. Comp. Howard Markham, PresEC, and Dist. Comp. Silverio Ostrowski, GHer, PrGRec, caught heading for refreshment at a recent meeting of the Beds, Cambs and Herts Consistory No. 45TI at The Cloisters, Letchworth.
(L-R) V.Dist. Comp. Howard Markham , R.Dist. Comp. Richard Owen and Dist. Comp. Silverio Ostrowski
Provincial Grand Summus Dedicates the New Provincial Sword
26 Jul 2016
The Provincial Grand Senatus of the Chilterns was held at the Thame Masonic Centre on Saturday 11th June 2016. During the meeting R. Dist. Comp. Richard B. Owen thanked the Companions of the Province for their generosity in the gift of a Provincial Sword.
The Provincial Sword was paraded before the assembled Companions, dedicated and presented to Em. Comp. Phillip J. Purves the Provincial Grand Sword Bearer.
Provincial Grand Summus Address to Provincial Grand Senatus of The Chilterns
26 Jul 2016
Right Distinguished Companions and Companions all.
We have now come to that moment when I have the opportunity to address you all. Those of you in the comfortable seats can now sit back, relax your eyes and take advantage of the real benefits of this Masonic Centre. I can assure you all that if during the course of the next few minute the sound of deep breathing should reveal itself, have no concern, this is quite a normal occurrence in this temple. Indeed, I can recollect many high-ranking Brethren who have taken advantage of our special facilities here in Thame.
I have already welcomed our distinguished guests and again I thank them for their attendance some of whom have travelled considerable distances to join in our meeting. It is, as always, a pleasure to be able to return some of the wonderful hospitality we have received in visiting their Provinces.
I especially thank members of the Province for their attendance and trust you have found the experience rewarding. This is your Province and your attendance is the most important of all.
I regret the late change of venue for this meeting but the catering arrangements at our previous venue overruled the Masonic use of that building. This has, however, given me the added pleasure of welcoming you here to my Masonic birthplace.
I must congratulate the Companions I have had the great pleasure of appointing, reappointing and investing with Provincial Rank today. In every case this preferment is not given lightly but as a result of your various contributions to your Consistories and the Order in the past and for what you are going to be doing in the future.
I again ask Recorders to please ensure that calling notices are circulated to all consistories in the Province and in turn to all your respective members, strongly encouraging the odd outing or two.
On the 5th May this year at the meeting of Grand Senatus several of our Companions were honoured by the Grand Summus:
V. Dist. Comp. Howard Markham was reappointed as Pres EC;
Dist. Comp. John Wickes was appointed as Deputy Grand Registrar.
Dist. Comp. Silverio Ostrowski was appointed as Grand Herald.
Dist. Comp. Roger Wortley was re-appointed as Deputy Grand Sword Bearer.
and Dist. Comp. MC Black was promoted to the rank of PAGDC.
I am sure you will all join me in congratulating these companions for their well-earned appointments. They bring great honour to our Province.
After our last meeting through your generosity, Companions, we were able to send a £500.00 donation to the Contented Dementia Trust. Today's collection will be for the same worthwhile cause and I trust you will again be generous in your giving.
We have crossed another item off the "wish list" today with the dedication of our Provincial Grand Sword and I thank those who took part in the ceremony.
I am pleased to report great progress with the proposed Euclid Consistory due to meet in Radlett, Hertfordshire.
I spoke with the organising secretary the other day and he assures me the petition is currently in the process of being completed and all things being equal the target of an Autumn consecration is in sight. I am sure there is still room for one or two more founders, if you are quick. Don't delay, call Martin Bond today! Actually don’t call him today because it is his wedding anniversary and a significant one, which fact also accounts for one or two other missing Brethren.
We must not relax our efforts to promote our Order and I again urge Companions to be quite open in their conversations with those who do not yet enjoy it's great privileges. This not only means approaching your Brethren of the Secret Monitor but also those who are not yet in that order or even in the Craft. Encourage others to share in our fraternity and especially in our Brotherhood of David and Jonathan.
Success in that direction will provide far more Brethren eligible for The Scarlet Cord. Remember, today's initiate becomes tomorrows Companion.
Finding available dates for Provincial meetings is becoming increasingly difficult. Today there is a major clash with the Grand Meeting of another Order which this year has involved a not insubstantial number of our members. This is likely to be an ongoing situation so the provincial Recorder and I are looking for an alternative date and venue for the future. I had hoped to be able to make an announcement today but there are still one or two details to be sorted out. It is certainly our intention to make a final decision within the very near future and information will be circulated very soon afterwards.
Finally Companions we cannot close without a big thank you to the Provincial Recorder, Dist. Comp. Silverio Ostrowski, who although he is unable to be with us today has none the less been doing his duty in preparation. I must, of course especially thank Dist. Comp. Don Dodkin for his part in the preparations and for undertaking the duties of Recorder today.
I am well aware of the amount of work that goes into such a meeting. What would we do without the backroom boys?
Likewise, we must thank the Provincial Director of Ceremonies, Dist. Comp. John Wickes and his team who have done their utmost to keep our meeting in order. Thanks to them all.
And thank you, Companions all, for your attendance and your attention.
May the God of our Fathers be with us all?
Right Distinguished Companion Richard Bryon Owen, V
Provincial Grand Summus
11th June 2016
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