Oxfordshire Masonic Library & Museum
The Library and Museum was developed for the Province of Oxfordshire in the early 1990's by a number of dedicated Brethren who have put in an enormous amount of work over the years to reach the happy position that it is in today.
The display consists of Books, Regalia, Jewels and Memorabilia, which had been collected in boxes and cupboards and stored around the Masonic centre at 333 Banbury Road. We have so far sorted and catalogued over one thousand books and Masonic jewels.
With generous donations from the Province and Brethren we now have fine storage cabinets and have established a professional and attractive looking Museum.
Every month brings something new to the Museum in the form of regalia and memorabilia, which have been donated by brethren or their families to be passed on to the next generation of Freemasons. Jewels are most impressive to display and we have built up a fine collection, the best of which can be seen at the centre.
Our Library has grown over the years and we now have catalogued all the books and placed them on our computer database for general reference.
We have adopted Grand Lodge's system of cataloguing and regularly meet up with other Museums around the country to improve our systems and compare notes.
As always we are constrained by space and finances to improve and enhance the museum. There is still lots of work to be undertaken. Documents, certificates, regalia in all the various degrees and side orders still need to be identified and catalogued. If you feel you would like to help in some small way we should be pleased to have your company.
Maybe you are not connected to Freemasonry but have some of the above tucked away in the loft or cupboard, we should still be delighted to help and advise on any items that you wish to identify or donate.
Contact us by e-mail: librarian@oxfordshiremasons.org